A Comprehensive guide to htaccess

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As we know when we manage a web site or a web server, we should understand the usage of the .htaccess file. In this article, I’m explaining Comprehensive guide to .htaccess.

A Few General Ideas

It is a web server settings file that runs the Apache Web Server. When a.htaccess file is placed in a site’s Document root anywhere, the Apache Web Server software will detect and execute the.htaccess file. It will assist us to change the Apache Web Server software settings to enable/disable extra characteristics and functions that the Apache Web Server.

Let see how to use  .htaccess efficiently.

Table of Content

Error Documents – A Comprehensive guide to htaccess

Password protection – A Comprehensive guide to htaccess

Blocking users by IP

Enabling SSI via htaccess

Blocking sites by referrer

Blocking bad bots and site rippers

Change your default directory page


Prevent viewing of a file

Adding MIME types

Preventing hot linking of your images and other file types

Preventing directory listing



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