Migrate Mailboxes with imapsync

Migrate Mailboxes with imapsync
Migrate Mailboxes with imapsync
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This guide explains how you can migrate mailboxes between IMAP servers using imapsync

Need to install imapsync if you don’t have the command.

yum install epel-release

yum install imapsync

Now let’s see how to migrate the mail accounts from remote host to our server. you need the following details

  1. Remote server IP
  2. Mail account’s password remote host
imapsync --host1 mail.domain.com --port1 993 --user1 jessie@yourdomain.com --password1 'xxxxxxxx' --ssl1 --host2 mail.domain.com --port2 993 --user2 jessie@yourdomain.com --ssl2 --password2 'xxxxxxxx'

Run the above command


host1 = Remote server (source server)

user1 = remote mail account

password1= remote mail account’s password

host2 = destination server

user2 = destination server mail account

password2 =  destination server mail account’ password.


That’s all …. 🙂

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